A TEDx event including short talks and TED Talk videos addressing a multiplicity of issues regarding global development and sustainability. If our history has been a curve of accelerating change, as social entrepreneur Buckminster Fuller suggests, we stand at the base of a very steep slope, and the actions we take today will have a profound influence on where that slope leads us and future generations. Our TEDx event will gather leaders from various sectors to discuss how the international community can harness this rapid acceleration of change to address our most pressing issues, from remaining human-rights violations to climate change to poverty.




April 2nd, 2016. A full day of schedule can be found here.






Choi Auditorium and the McKinnon Center for Global Affairs in Johnson Hall, Occidental College. 1600 Campus Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90041.



Leaders from Los Angeles and from around the world will be invited to speak, as well as selected Oxy students and faculty members.


Occidental is a fertile ground for ideas that would be well-served in a TEDx forum; a perfect community to aggregate and share these important conversations. As a college fostering the growth of the next generation of leaders, we are the perfect environment to start a discussion that will be shared.