Brian Erickson is a sophomore politics major from Tucson, Arizona. He is a volunteer teacher and co-coordinator for Peer Health Exchange, a national nonprofit that trains college students to teach health workshops in ninth grade classrooms across Los Angeles. He has worked as a peer tutor and an intern for Arizona gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal. He is also a writer and produced playwright, with a particular interest in domestic drama. As a student of politics, English, and history, Brian’s principal academic interests lie in the intersection of these three disciplines, studying how artistic and literary movements can ignite social and political change. After graduation, he hopes to pursue a career in advocacy or public interest law.

The Era of Overshare: How to Rethink Social Media

In a generation defined by its incessant record-keeping of day-to-day life (anyone want to take a picture of my dinner?), how can we cut through the clutter and create personal records that encapsulate the truly important things in life? Using an innovative five-point litmus test, this humorous talk examines how social media and self-documentation can serve as catalysts for global understanding, introspection, and perhaps even peace.