Donovan Dennis is a senior Geology major originally from Great Falls, Montana. While a student at Occidental, he has been a member of the men’s swim and dive team, a writer and communications director for The Occidental Weekly, and a senior fellow in the Office of Admissions. Donovan is a self-proclaimed glaciophile, loving everything related to glaciers, icesheets, and paleoclimatology, and he actively plots his presumed return to these locales. His research investigates both the use of preserved oxygen isotopic ratios in temperate snow and ice as paleothermometers, and glacier-related hazards. After Oxy, Donovan hopes to continue studying the cryosphere in both formal and informal settings and improve the general understanding of climate change by elevating public science literacy.

When Caring isn’t Enough: The climate crisis and you

Description: Glaciers have long been called the “canary in the coal mine” for climate change. But a more accurate description would be to call them “glaciers in a greenhouse climate.” The canaries are dead and the glaciers are melting–climate change is here to stay. In his discussion on the immediate challenges facing our warming planet, Donovan incorporates the importance of not only sustainable living, but also the practice of engaging in sustainable science. By the end of his talk, he hopes audiences will love glaciers one-tenth of the amount he does, and recognize the power they have to impact a change in their world.