Gaea Morales is a sophomore at Occidental College and an international student born and raised in Manila, Philippines. She is a Diplomacy and World Affairs major exploring the convergence of gender rights, democracy and sustainable development in climate change policy. She is a recipient of the Margaret Sanders Scholarship (East Asia Regional Council of School) and is an Ethics Fellow for the Future (Carnegie Council). Gaea serves as the International Admission Intern for the Office of Admission and a student worker for the John Parke Young Initiative on the Global Economy. She is also a member of the Occidental College Glee Club and the female a capella group the Accidentals. Besides singing, Gaea unwinds by coffee shop hopping, boxing and crocheting.


Will you roll down the window?

In her TEDx talk, Gaea engages the inextricable yet often invisible link between gender rights and climate change reform. In engaging the intersection from a broader justice perspective, she explores how we as individuals can identify where we choose to stand – and live - in the sustainability discourse, and act on it.