Born in Philadelphia and earned his BA at the University of Miami, MFA at Yale University, then completed a Post-Graduate Associate position where he took courses at Yale Schools of Drama and Management.

Palmer developed several social-impact programs at Yale, including: “Arts in Action: Theater and Public Health in Swaziland and South Africa,” an undergraduate study-abroad course; “Theater for Social Justice in Education and the Community,” in New Haven; and “The Quest for Social Justice through Music, Theater, and Religion in Tanzania,” a joint study-abroad program between Yale School of Drama and Yale Divinity School.

Palmer is founder of a team supporting black men in college to join the social impact innovation and entrepreneurial sectors. Palmer is co-founder and co-artistic director of Company Cypher, a New-York and Los-Angeles based theater company and organization, whose work strives to transform the conversation around skin tone prejudice and racism. Currently Palmer is the Senior Director of Leadership Development for the Community Leadership Institute of Greater Los Angeles.

Social Impact as Art

Gamal Palmer has been on the forefront of theater-based social justice initiatives for more than a decade. He shares how his experiences in rural and urban setting around the world has shaped his work and influenced communities. Letting us in on his journey, he offers tools for designing your own impact-artists-equation, giving us the confidence and freedom to be artful in all that we do.