Jedidiah Jenkins splits his time between Nashville, Tennessee and Los Angeles, California and is at work on his first book about his bicycle trip from Oregon to Patagonia. He is Executive Editor of Wilderness Magazine and a contributor to the Paris Review. His parents wrote A Walk Across America and The Walk West about their five year walk across the United States in the 70s. His hope is to continue their legacy as lovers of the earth and all the people in it.

How to Slow Down the Passing of Time:

Why does time speed up as we get older? And how do we slow it back down? We all remember time crawling by as a kid. Summer break felt like an eternity. As we get older, time is somehow exponentially quicker. How common is it to hear an elderly person say ‘it felt like only yesterday that….’or ‘it all goes by so fast.’ There are scientific reasons for this, and there are ways to slow it down and regain your sense of childlike wonder.