Jemma is a Senior American Studies Major from Ojai, California. Jemma is one of the two student organizers for TEDxOccidentalCollege 2016. Jemma thrives on her involvement on and off campus. She served two years on ASOC Senate, is the treasurer and co-fundraising chair of Delta Omicron Tau Sorority, the Event and Logistics Director of Up ’til Dawn at Occidental, worked in the Office of Student Life, and has an internship off campus at CGI Strategies in Real Estate. Jemma chose to join the TEDxOccidental College team because of her passion for coordinating fun and engaging events for the Occidental community. She believes that TEDx will help spread new ideas that will leave a lasting impact on the campus. Jemma is currently working on her senior thesis in American Studies titled “Mrs. Robinson and the Evolution of the Cougar.” Her goal is to make a connection between the evolution of Women’s roles in the family/workplace and how that evolution is tied to growing acceptance of women dating younger men. After graduation Jemma plans to move to Washington DC to work at a Real Estate Investment Firm.