Mimi holds an adjunct faculty position at Occidental College and a lecturing appointments at UCLA and LMU. She is a women’s empowerment scholar, and her primary research focus is disease prevention and health promotion in sub-Saharan Africa.  Her research experience includes developing anti-malaria drugs; using climate forecasts to predict disease epidemics; developing interventions for maternal and child health in South Africa; and using soccer to promote health.  She holds degrees in Environmental Biology (BA) and Climate and Society (MA) from Columbia University, and she is a Ph.D. Candidate at UCLA.  Mimi was formerly a professional soccer player.  She was a silver-medalist in the 2002 African Women’s Cup of Nations, and she represented Ghana in the 2003 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

“African Women’s Soccer and Empowerment: Memoirs of a Black Queen”

 Given the disparity between the rich and the poor in our world today, and given that the greatest burden of poverty rests on the shoulders of women, we must challenge ourselves to develop and execute more creative and innovative policy solutions to close these gaps.   I will discuss the potential for sports to yield important empowerment outcomes in the lives of women in developing regions.