Emmy Award winning film producer, Sherry Simpson Dean is known for her deep commitment to human rights and civil liberties. Her film production, “Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony”, is a multiple award-winner of Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival and has been critically acclaimed as the seminal film on post-apartheid South Africa. Her rare, historic footage of Nelson Mandela’s jubilant appearance at South Africa’s first free election celebration in Soweto is treasured internationally. Over the last two years, she has served as a consultant with Opportunity Green, the nation’s largest multidisciplinary business to business sustainability conference. Formerly the Executive Director of this regions United Nations Association, she has founded and numerous programs that have engaged local communities with the UN Millennium Development goals including establishing a district wide Model United Nations conference for public high schools , creating a successful UN speaker series , and co founding UN Human Rights Day in the City of Pasadena, CA . She recently produced a series of promotional video for the UN Environmental Program featuring Don Cheadle and super model Gisele Bundchen. She is currently an adjunct lecturer at Occidental College in the Department of Diplomacy and World Affairs and is honored to be Senior Fellow with Occidentals McKinnon Center for Global Affairs and a Scholar in Residence with the Young initiative on the Global Political Economy.

Hearing Aide: The Future of Listening

Listening may be access to our greatest untapped human potential. Here in America we often chart greatness by what our leaders say. Great speeches and historical quotes from our heroes are enshrined on monuments throughout our nation. However, we pay far less attention to the notion that HOW we listen can determine an outcome as much or more than the words we choose to speak. Listening for greatness, can create greatness. Listening for failure, can create failure. If listening is access to creating the outcomes we want, how can listening help to eradicate poverty, to create world peace, to shift behavior that results in new pathways to sustainable development in communities in America and throughout the world? This talk will provide a new set of listening tools that can be used anytime, anywhere and by everyone to create a new future that is an expression of their dreams.