Ty is a Sophomore Economics major from Seattle, Washington and is one of two Student Organizers for TEDxOccidentalCollege this year. Ty started his work on TEDxOccidentalCollege at the beginning of Fall Semester 2015, excited by the opportunity to connect fellow students with the TED platform to share their stories, ideas and research. Back in Seattle, Ty works with a Needle Exchange to help insure that intravenous drug users are able to live safe, healthy lives by supplying clean needles, sanitary products and opiate overdose prevention medication–as an Economics major with a focus in public policy, he is interested in the efficient manner in which Harm Reduction programs like Needle Exchanges can reduce the spread of diseases and even decrease drug use rates. Following from this passion, Ty’s most intriguing TED Talk is Elizabeth Pisani’s, Sex, drugs and HIV — let’s get rational